Medical education

We are a training practice and supervise Registrars for between 4 and 12 months at a time. GP registrars are fully qualified doctors who are doing additional training to become General Practitioners. Please help with their training by agreeing to see them.

Starting in August 2021 we will proudly be training foundation doctors at the practice. Foundation doctors have recently left medical school and are now gaining the experience of working in the various healthcare settings.

We also support medical students  from University college London, Nottingham university and also Lincoln university who are normally placed with the practice for one month at a time as well as trainee paramedics from Lincoln university.

Old Leake Medical Centre also host work experience students with an interest in a future in healthcare. We are also proud to work closely with Boston College in facilitating apprenticeship for non-clinical roles.

Dr Sinha, our senior partner is the training lead at the practice, Dr Sinha is also a programme director for all the trainee GP Registrars in the local area.

We have a very long and proud training heritage at the practice, many GPs currently working in local practices have undertaken training at the practice.  All three of our current partners (Dr Sinha, Dr Jamil and Dr Virk) undertook training at the practice, before them, Dr Latchem, Dr Bull and Dr Bloom all undertook training here. (We like to grow our own!)

Date published: 13th October, 2014
Date last updated: 21st October, 2023