Maternity care

Pregnant women usually self-refer to The Medical Centre for ante-natal care by making an appointment with their GP who then refers them to the Community Midwife and writes a letter of referral to the Obstetric Department at the Hospital. A ‘booking’ appointment, i.e. first appointment, takes place with the Community Midwife, at The Medical Centre between 8 and 12 weeks gestation, and the subsequent booking appointment with the hospital takes place at 12 -16 weeks gestation.

Investigations and examinations are undertaken throughout the pregnancy in order to monitor the health of the woman and progress of the pregnancy. At the time of booking, women will also be asked to complete a family origin questionnaire, with screening for Thalassaemia/Sickle Cell undertaken where indicated. Anti-D and other treatments will be applied as indicated by the results of the investigations undertaken. Education and health promotion are also undertaken, for example in relation to smoking, diet and breast feeding.

You can contact the community midwife between 9am and 10am seven days a week on 01205 445414. Outside of these times please contact the antenatal or labour ward as detailed below

Useful telephone Numbers at Pilgrim Hospital

Antenatal Clinic appointments 01205 445426
Antenatal assessment Centre 01205 445144
Antenatal Ward Reception 01205 445429
Labour Ward (when in labour and emergencies) 01205 445424

Date published: 24th May, 2016
Date last updated: 25th May, 2016